Review: Hunter Is ‘So Gay’ With Brand New Track

    Fun, energetic and filled with life, Hunter's brand new track 'So Gay' is a statement of pride, and if you don't like it, tough! This greatly constructed tune is brought to us by singer-songwriter Hunter, a Tanzanian-born artist who's thirst for bold and bright led him to make this opus. The track itself... Continue Reading →


Julia Mascetti Flourishes in Tokyo

Can there be a more challenging role for a musician than as a freelance Brit harpist in Tokyo? It is under such an umbrella that Julia Mascetti plies her trade, having moved there two years ago. Her music has proved fascinating for the Japanese audiences, melding her dark-indie songwriting with traditional Japanese musicians and instruments.... Continue Reading →

New Video: Pallab Sarker’s ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’ Former government press advisor-come-singer songwriter Pallab Sarker has just dropped the video for his latest single 'Not Gonna Fall In Love With You'. Having found success with his debut single 'Morning in Brixton' which was picked up by US college radio stations, earning him a record deal, Pallab has returned with the follow up... Continue Reading →

Interview: Harry Pane ‘Fletcher Bay’

Interview and words by James Handler. Featuring on 'The Wild Winds EP', is Harry Pane's emotional single 'Fletcher Bay'. The singer songwriter has been a feature on BBC Introducing and various venues around the UK, embarking on his own headline tour. Incorporating a singer / songwriter style with rock and blues elements, the single is... Continue Reading →

Harry Pane – Review ‘The Wild Winds EP’

Words by James Handler. Brand new this Friday from London based singer / songwriter Harry Pane, is his emotionally gripping new release: ‘The Wild Winds EP’. This EP showcases this artist’s unique style and songwriting capabilities through intriguing lyrics and memorable guitar melodies. There is an upbeat feel to tracks such as ‘Old Friend’ and... Continue Reading →

Ian Martyn-I can feel your power

For lovers of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac  Ian Martyn's expressive and greatly inspiring new single 'I Can Feel Your Power' epitomises the  support and comfort that art can bring to people especially at their darkest times in life. In Ian's case it’s living with the earth shattering experience of losing both his... Continue Reading →

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