Ikkarus, Mexico’s Answer The To Funk-Filled Metal Genre

  Hailing from Mexico, and with a thirst for tasty, funky melodies and great tunes, Ikkarus are here, with brand new album 'Stains and Echoes'. Drawing inspiration from acts such as Linkin Park, Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the members of Ikkarus have been slaving away, as well as balancing their work lives, all... Continue Reading →


Review: Hunter Is ‘So Gay’ With Brand New Track

    Fun, energetic and filled with life, Hunter's brand new track 'So Gay' is a statement of pride, and if you don't like it, tough! This greatly constructed tune is brought to us by singer-songwriter Hunter, a Tanzanian-born artist who's thirst for bold and bright led him to make this opus. The track itself... Continue Reading →

Harry Pane – Review ‘The Wild Winds EP’

Words by James Handler. Brand new this Friday from London based singer / songwriter Harry Pane, is his emotionally gripping new release: ‘The Wild Winds EP’. This EP showcases this artist’s unique style and songwriting capabilities through intriguing lyrics and memorable guitar melodies. There is an upbeat feel to tracks such as ‘Old Friend’ and... Continue Reading →

Deep Purple – InFinite

Deep Purple are back, packing as much punch as ever with their latest album ‘InFiniite’. Track listing: Time for Bedlam Hip Boots All I Got Is You One Night in Vegas Get Me Outta Here The Surprising Johnny’s Band On Top of the World Birds of Prey Roadhouse Blues – (The Doors Cover) This record has... Continue Reading →

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