Protest song writer, Beldon Haigh, has returned with his second single ‘Land of Hope’ which he was urged to write after seeing that famous image of the dead Kurdish boy on the beach in the Mediterranean.

Having already written ‘Freedom’, a protest song against Donald Trump, this was the last straw for Beldon when it came to penning his next song. The Syrian boy, of Kurdish background was 3 year old Alan Kurdi who was washed up on the beach after his family were trying to reach Europe from Syria.

‘Land of Hope’ displays more of Beldon’s powerful songwriting that combines a classic approach to instrumentation and popular music, but with a much stronger, more pertinent message underneath. It’s hard enough to write a regular song, let alone a song that aims to get people active and involved.

It’s a moving piece of songwriting with a beautifully crafted orchestral lead scored by Smith Street Strings. The single also employs the expert piano work of Ted Sweeney, alongside Beldon’s signature roaring vocals that always manage to get his point across with ease.

All proceeds from ‘Land of Hope’ will be donated to IndiGo Volunteers charity who are helping the aid agencies who deal directly with the current humanitarian crisis.


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