The Outside Illusion – ‘Silent Communication’

All words by James Handler

The new single ‘Silent Communication’ from pop – rock instrumental band: The Outside Illusion is like nothing you will have heard before.

Coming in May, their new album’s title track takes the listener on a journey through mind & soul, achieved through its enchanting guitar melodies.

Denis Salgado is the man behind this guitar work. His choice to release only instrumental music, encourages people’s own thoughts and images to be generated while listening. This is what makes The Outside Illusion’s musical creations so abstract and unique, compared to other music on the scene.

The video for ‘Silent Communication’ is one that contains an important message. Interestingly, it features people who feel they cannot say what they wish to, shown by the subtitles on the screen which aren’t accompanied by speaking. In the background, Salgado’s guitar sounds infer that people can escape this feeling through music. Once again, this is a prime example of being able to create a personal opinion of The Outside Illusion’s music.

“I always wanted to create a sonority to take the guitar beyond the limits of the ‘guitar world’, where people can appreciate and enjoy melodies and its possibilities.”Denis Salgado.

Links to social media, and the band’s site are included below:


The Outside Illusion’s new album ‘Silent Communication’ will be released 5th May.


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