Female fronted Spanish rock band, Screams On Sunday, are proving that rock bands from places other than the UK and America should be given the attention that they deserve. In their latest single, ‘The Night’, Screams on Sunday mix  heavy guitar sections with powerful rhythms and attitude-filled vocals which make for a potent combination.

The band, who initially came together through the internet, are keen to discuss the idea of today’s generation being obsessed with creating an online persona, lacking real life relations.

After forming, they soon released their debut EP Call Reality A Lie, leading to them gaining a large following and becoming known for their energetic live performances that were considered “pure dynamite”.

‘The Night’ was recorded at Sound-Hub in Belper and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London. SOS often find themselves improvising in their music as it creates a more honest, raw sound, meaning the production process perfects that improvised sound whilst still portraying the initial intentions of the band.

‘The Night’ is set to be released 27th January 2017.