Consolers – “Harry”

Hamburg new age indie rock 3 piece Consolers release single Harry on April 29th via indie label Diffus Tapes.

Drawing from their love of The Velvet Underground and Jimi Hendrix, Consolers have settled on a softer indie sound sitting in between contemporaries such as Whitney, Mac De Marco and Simian Ghost. Harry characterises the band’s attention to detail as the track carries itself with weightless assurance.

Vocalist/guitarist Florian Hofer, drummer Albrecht Bibas and Bassist Till Schomburg began life as Consolers playing house parties and clubs in Hannover but it wasn’t long before they set off touring around Germany and Poland and made their Festival-Debut at Lunatic Festival in 2015.

Harry is the first offering from a new EP Astronaut Babies due out later this year. The EP was co-written and co-produced by Soren Christensen (GoGoBerlin, TheBlueVan, M.i.l.k , Reptile Youth, Fallulah) and was recorded with a semi-disused tape machine.

Consolers will embark on their first supporting shows together with Danish GoGo Berlin and British post punk band PINS.

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